Shirley Temple Dies


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Shirley Temple Black, 1926- 2014

On Feb. 10, 2014,  Shirley Temple Black died at age 85.  A childhood star in the 1930s, Shirley Temple sang and tap-danced her way into people’s hearts.  This little star helped the millions of people enduring the great depression by putting a smile on their faces.

Known for here blonde curly hair and loveable dancing she became a star at 6 years old.  Black started dancing at age 2 and acting at age 3.  She was a star from the first time she hit the silver screen, and within the first three years of being on screen she won mini Oscar, had a drink named after her, and children everywhere tried to copy her curls.  She was making a $1,000 dollars a week and getting 16,000 letters from fans a month.  A sign of her  inspiration to people everywhere during The Depression.

According to The New York Times, as Black got older the cuteness and the stardom started fading away.  She started a new stage in her life when she was married at age 17 to John Agar, yet the marriage didn’t last.  She then got married a second time to Charles Black and became a mother of three. The stardom ended but Black continued to make a difference as she contributed to the world of politics and served as U.S. ambassador to Ghana and to Czechoslovakia.  Black past away happy with her three children and three grandchildren.