Oceana Boys’ Tennis 2014 Season Commences

Photo courtesy of IFCTA
Photo courtesy of IFCTA

It’s that time of year again: tennis season has started for Oceana’s boys’ tennis!

The team is currently practicing daily, Wednesdays excluded, from 3:00PM to 5:00PM.

If you’re interested in playing, anyone with tennis experience can still join.  Even boys who are inexperienced at tennis are encouraged to join!  Oceana’s team is a bit short on players this season and they need as many boys as possible to join.  Tennis games versus other schools will be starting next week, so interested parties will need to join ASAP.

Any boys who are interested in joining the team should come to a practice and see how they like it.  To join the team, students must fill out athletic forms and contracts, which can be found at Oceana High School’s website.

Students who join should also add themselves to the Oceana Tennis Team group page on Facebook for updates on tennis games and other team related events.

Tennis is a great way to get exercise.  It doesn’t involve too much running, and it’s really fun!  So all you boys out there should give it a shot!

We hope to see you on the courts!!

Photo courtesy of Assets USTA
Photo courtesy of Assets USTA

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