Flappy Bird Game Removed By Developer

On February 9, Flappy Bird game developer Dong Nguyen announced in a tweet:

Photo courtesy of twitter.com/dongatory
Photo courtesy of twitter.com/dongatory

Flappy Bird was removed from the App Store and Google Play the next day.  Many people were frustrated and upset about Ngyuen’s decision.  He created the game in 2 or 3 days and did not advertise or promote it in any way after its release.  Ever since the game gained popularity he has received many complaints, some of which were even death threats.

The game is still available to play for those who have already downloaded it before it was removed.  After the game was removed there was suddenly a huge increase of phones for sale with the game downloaded.

Photo courtesy of ebay.com
Photo courtesy of ebay.com

Some of these phones were selling for up to $94,000 and people continue to list their phones for thousands of dollars.

He also announced on his Twitter that he will still continue to make games.  There are now many Flappy Bird knock-offs copying Flappy Bird’s game play and navigation.

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