President Obama’s State of the Union Address

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President Obama’s recent state of the union address was in many ways a challenge to Congress.  President Obama stated, “I am eager to work with all of you, but America does not stand still and neither will I”.  The President put Congress on notice that he will use his executive powers whenever he can.  The President spoke on several topics that are very important to him.  One was a call to raise the minimum wage to 10.10 per hour, stating that Americans need to get behind and support this and we can get it done.  He also spoke about income inequality and how more needs to be done for the middle class.  The President touched on the importance of the environment and helping with climate change and supporting green industry.  Another major point was stating how Obamacare, while off to a rocky start, is now doing really well and achieving the goal of getting Insurance coverage for every American.

President Obama also spoke briefly of the 12-year war in Afghanistan and how it would soon be at an end for the U.S.  One of the most touching moments came when the President introduced Sgt Remsberg, an Army Ranger that had been severely wounded.  the president wanted to showcase Remsberg’s commitment.  All in attendance gave him a well deserved standing ovation.  The overriding theme of this year’s speech seemed to be, as the President said, “Lets make this a year of action, that’s what most Americans want”.  This was directed at a divided Congress and senate that lets partisan politics all too often get in the way of getting anything done. Hopefully this call out will get America moving in an upward direction!

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