Nightclub Fight Left Woman Dead

(Photo Courtesy of KRON4 News)
(Photo Courtesy of KRON4 News)

A 23-year-old woman was left brain dead when a fight broke out outside of a Santa Ana nightclub in the early morning at about 12:00 A.M on January 20th.  The fight broke out when the victim, 23-year-old Kim Pham, photo bombed the suspects’ photo. Soon after that incident happened, a verbal argument between Pham and the suspects, who were three women and two men, escalated into a physical argument.  Since the fight was one person verses five people, Pham was beaten until she was unconscious.  The suspects allegedly continued to beat Pham until she was on the floor, where she was then stomped all over.  Over two days after the incident, Pham was left on life support.

So far, two of the five suspects have been found.  According to 27-year-old Candice Brito, one of the two women arrested, “Pham was not an innocent person when the fight broke out.  It is sad that Pham died and she certainly didn’t deserve it, but Pham did what she had to do and instigated it”.  Brito and Vanesa Zavala, 25, now are facing a court hearing on Tuesday where the judge will decide if they are being tried for murder charges.

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