Extreme Traffic After Massive Winter Storm in the South

photo courtesy of news.yahoo.com
photo courtesy of news.yahoo.com

Due to a massive winter storm in the South, thousands of people have been stuck in traffic.  This storm produced only a few inches on snow, but it is very rare for a snow storm like this to occur in the south, especially in Georgia and Alabama. It took some people up to 16 hours to travel 12 miles.  Others waited in this traffic for more than two hours to travel five feet.

There was 10 inches of snow in Virginia, eight inches in North Carolina, and four inches in South Carolina.  In Louisiana, the situation was so bad that they shut down their highways.

The situation is very dangerous for many people because no one was prepared for it.  There were many people who did not have food and could not use the bathroom.  Many families with children were also stuck in this traffic.  Students avoided this traffic by sleeping at school.  Employees slept in their offices.  Some people even abandoned their cars to get home walking miles through the snow, and others tried to sleep in their cars.

There were over 1,000 fender-benders and six people have died as a result of these accidents.

As a result of this traffic, action was taken. Robert Bentley, the governor of  Alabama sent out helicopters with medics to search for stranded drivers who needed help, and Humvee trucks provided food, water, and gas.

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