Weekly Girls Soccer Update

The newly created girls’ soccer team has had a struggling and difficult season since their debut.  Since the beginning of their season they have gone up against Mills High School, South San Francisco High school, Terra Nova High School, Half Moon Bay High School, West Moor High School and El Camino High School.

In the away game against Mills High School the girls lost 10-0, with Mills scoring three in the first half and the other seven in the second half.  It was a very difficult game but the girls gave it all they had.  During the South San Francisco game the girls lost 3-0 at home, but did really well during the first half not allowing south city to score at all and keeping up their offense. At the start of the second half South City came out with more pressure and was able to score 3 times against Oceana.

During the away game against Terra Nova they lost 5-0 and it was a hard game because the girls from Terra Nova gave a lot of strong pressure and it was hard for the Oceana girls to get to their side of the pitch.  When the girls played Half Moon Bay they lost 7-0 but gave a lot of pressure and the  goalie from Oceana blocked a lot of difficult shots.

The Oceana girls also played a home game against the girls from Westmoor and lost again by 3-0.

In the home game against Cappuccino the girls from Cappuccino took the win, scoring 7 times against Oceana.  The final score was 7-0.

But there is hope: When the Oceana girls went against El Camino they were able to make their first score and tie the game.  It was a thrilling and exciting game!  The goal was scored by Aisha A, Oceana’s left forward.  El Camino was even given a penalty and missed it.  Overall the girls from Oceana are getting better and better after every game, giving more pressure and having more chances to score. Hopefully they will win one soon.

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