Basketball Coach Exposed on Youtube for Sexual Harrassment

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On Friday January 21, 2014, Jamie Carrillo, a mother of two children, spoke publicly about a video she posted on Youtube.  The video consists of a recorded phone call she made to her alleged abuser, Andrea Cardosa.  Ms. Cardosa is a former high school basketball coach, and Ms. Carrillo was one of her students.

Carillo has confronted her former coach and claims she was sexually abused by Cardosa for years, beginning when she was 12 years old.  She kept quiet about this secret until recently when she found out that Cardosa is teaching at the same school where she claims this act happened.  Jamie Carrillo explained that what happened to her was horrifying, and left her emotionally scarred.

In the video, Carillo accuses her former coach of manipulating her into thinking that what her teacher was doing was okay, and Cardosa openly admits to having abused the student all those years ago.  There is still debate about the possibility that Ms.Cardosa will be getting her job back, but for now the case is still under investigation.  Cardosa she has been in hiding since the day the video was posted on the internet.

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