Regulating Homemade Guns

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California state Senator Kevin de Leon has proposed an increase in regulation on people who manufacture or distribute guns from their own homes in California.  His goal is to decrease the number of undetectable guns that are produced by using 3-D printers.  He fears this is an issue because these guns are made out of plastic and can pass through metal detectors undetected, and these guns can be used by people who are not legally allowed to possess firearms.

This bill, SB-808, would require the people who make these guns to apply to the State Department of Justice to receive a serial number that would only be given to the people who are background checked.  These serial numbers would be engraved into these guns within one day after they are produced.  His bill also includes any parts that can be used by a 3-D printer to make guns.

These guns are currently available for anyone to download and produce using their 3-D printer with no background checks or restrictions.  If this bill passes the availability and amount of homemade guns will decrease.

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