Pacifica: Man killed in hit-and-run

~Photo courtesy of Tumblr
~Photo courtesy of Tumblr

Every emergency vehicle in Pacifica rushed to a scene Wednesday after a hit-and-run occurred at about 7:40PM.  According to San Jose Mercury News a man identified as Daly City resident Ishwar Patel was hit by a motorist on Palmetto Avenue, just north of the Safeway in the Manor district.  The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

The motorist fled the area, some suspect the driver was drunk.  SF Gate reported some witnesses claimed the car was similar to a “Dodge Charger or Chevrolet Monte Carlo.” Investigators are currently working to identify the hit-and-run suspect, but are short on leads.

Pedestrians have been asked to walk along this road with caution as this road has been shown to be dangerous in the past.  Two people have already died on the north stretch of Palmetto, including an Oceana student.  The sidewalk seems to abruptly end, leaving pedestrians and bicyclists in the road.  This stretch of road is also dimly lit at night, making visibility low.

Anyone with information about the motorist is asked to call (650) 738-7314 or anonymously at (650) 359-4444.

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