Movie Review: “Grudge Match”

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Grudge Match, starring Robert De Niro, Sylvester Stallone, and Kevin Hart, is about two ex-pro boxers, Kid (De Niro) and Razor (Stallone), who are looking to make history by fighting each other one more time.  Both have a score to settle, as both have beat each other only once.  As the tiebreaker match is on the verge of being set, Razor, retires, ending any hopes of a rubber match.

Nearly 30 years later, both Razor and Kid live their own separate lives.  Razor works in a shipyard and lives in a somewhat run-down neighborhood.  One day, he is approached by Dante Slate Jr. (Kevin Hart), who wants Razor to do some stunts for a video game.  If he agrees to it, he will be paid $15,000.  Razor eventually agrees to it, and goes to the video game center with Dante, where they have him wear a body suit covered with motion sensors.  After doing a few jabs and uppercuts for the video game, Razor is approached by none other than his long time rival, Kid.  Kid, who was also invited by Dante without Razor knowing, is also dressed in a body suit with motion sensors, as he was also called in to do some video game stunts.  Razor and Kid end up getting into an argument, which leads to all out brawl between the two.  The funny thing was that Razor and Kid started using weapons and throwing each other into objects, which caused the video game to mimic their actions.  Some of the producers in the video game studio even recorded the brawl and uploaded it to YouTube, where it went viral.

After seeing that the video had grown in popularity on YouTube, Dante makes a proposition for Razor.  Dante wants Razor to square off one more time in the ring with Kid, on what would be known as the ” Grudge Match.”  Razor accepts, as well as Kid, and they meet up at a press conference where only a few people attend.  The interviewers there do not take this fight seriously, as they ask ridiculous and funny questions, almost insulting the two fighters in a way.  Both Kid and Razor assure the audience that they are serious about the fight and look forward to it.

After agreeing to the fight, Razor recruits his old trainer, Lightning (Alan Arkin), and asks him to get him back in shape for the big fight.  Kid hits the gym, where he tries to find a local boxing trainer who can train him and bring him back to form.  Kid is approached by his biological son, B.J. (Jon Bernathal), who is agrees to become his trainer.

Kid struggles with his relationship problems, such as his relationship with B.J., and his love interest, Sally, who is Razor’s ex-girlfriend.  Sally wants Razor back but Razor refuses, as she cheated on him with Kid.  Razor struggles to make peace with Sally, as she is very apologetic.  Kid struggles with B.J. when B.J. finds out that Kid abandoned him and left him with his mother.  Kid and B.J. go off and on with each other, as there are certain conflicts between the two throughout the entire movie, but they eventually make up and focus on the “Grudge Match.”

A few weeks went into the preparation of the “Grudge Match,” and when the match finally occurs, it is a match for the ages.

The fight ends up being the match of the century, nearly 30 years in the making.  In my opinion, this movie was really inspiring and funny, mainly because of a hilarious cast and the wonderful and convincing acting of the Stallone and De Niro.  The stand-up comedian, Kevin Hart, was amazing and his dialogue made the movie that much funnier.  Stallone brought back memories from the famous “Rocky” and De Niro played a fantastic foe to Stallone.  The characters played their parts wonderfully and the storyline was just amazing.  I definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a good laugh and loves sports, specifically boxing or any kind mixed martial arts.

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