“Orange Is The New Black” Review

Photo courtesy of fansided.com
Photo courtesy of fansided.com

“Orange Is The New Black” is a Netflix original series that became very popular over the last year.  The main character Piper Chapman, who is played by Taylor Schilling, is a 30-something bisexual woman who is engaged to a man. When she was young in her 20s she committed a crime that she has to pay for now. Chapman enters state prison and meets her ex-girlfriend Alex, played by Laura Prepon. Chapman is serving time in jail because her ex-girlfriend, who was a drug dealer, had Chapman smuggle drugs for her. Chapman is not used to the prison life. At first she has a really hard time and has no friends. Later on in the series she starts being friends with Alex again and develops feelings for her once again.

Alex has always loved Chapman even after their terrible break up. When Chapman first went into prison she was very soft and nice, she later starts to have a backbone and start standing up for herself. The series does not only focus on Chapman, it also focuses on many other characters, including a mom and daughter who are in jail and a transgender woman. Many of the prisoners have a strict set of rules they follow so things wont change. So far Chapman has made enemies with and befriended a couple of her prison mates. This series has a lot of drama, comedy, and suspense. It’s incredibly interesting and definitely worth watching. There is also a new upcoming season this year. Catch it on Netflix!

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