Honduras Recently Named Most Dangerous Country In The World

Photo credit by www.cs.trinity.ed
Photo credit by http://www.cs.trinity.ed

Lately the there has been a vast amount of killings in San Pedro Sula, Honduras due to the drug cartels roaming around the streets killing people. Many of the killings are not reported, but there are at least three deaths that are reported each day that the police know of. These mass murders are happening because of the corrupted  system, poverty and the lack of justice that comes to these people. The lack of punishment in Honduras for someone who commits a crime is very minimal due to the fact that many of the people who commit these crimes are cartel’s and gang members. There is a difference when it comes to dealing with cartels and gangs. When dealing with cartels, no one wants to mess with them, let alone breath the same air as they do. The government does very little to stop them because they are afraid to start another war with them, just like what happened in Mexico during the administration of President Calderon. When dealing with gangs its a bit easier because they are easy to find because two things. The first is the signature sign they leave behind when they murder innocent people. The second is that there are only two gangs one being the MS 13 and EL Barrio 18.

Photo credit by mafiatoday.com
Photo courtesy of mafiatoday.com

John Holman, a journalist who covers world news, was in Honduras for a short period covering this situation. Holman shows both gangs that take part in these killings and in a video he uploaded on Youtube. The video shows the pain and suffering family members go through when their loved ones have passed away.

Things in Honduras will get worse before they get better. The first thing that needs to happen to make a change is changing the government. Many people think that the killings are happening because the government is wanting to start a war with the cartels and gangs. Getting rid of this problem is nowhere near happening any time soon. The need for power and money leads to the gangs will do anything to achieve them. They consider them self a family and they will live, kill, and die for their family.

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