TV Show Review: “Being Human”

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The third season of “Being Human” ended in chaos.  So many things have happened in Season three.

“Being Human” is about three people, who are well into their twenties, that have separate powers that ordinary people wouldn’t have.  There’s Aidan (a vampire), Josh (a werewolf), and Sally (a ghost). They all have their own issues and problems, but try to live a normal and ordinary life.

Sally, played by Meaghan Rath, who became a reanimated corpse, made a deal with Donna, the witch, in order to save her brother.  Sally, who was brought back from the dead by Josh and Nora, had another chance to live her life.  But there was a catch.  She would be brought back to life, but she can not see anyone from her past after she died, for if she did, they would die too.  When her brother saw her walking the streets of Boston, she refused to talk to him, as she feared he would die. She and Josh visited Donna the next day, and demanded that they make a negotiation with Donna in order to save her brother.  The deal was that Sally’s brother would be spared, but when Sally dies, her soul will belong to Donna.  That ended up being the ultimate result, as Sally started slowly decomposing, which could only be healed if she eats live animals or human flesh.  So in other words, Sally became a living zombie.  Sally ended up dying, and is now a ghost again.  However, Sally’s soul is now in the hands of Donna.

Liam, who plays a minor part in “Being Human,” is a pure-bred werewolf, and is out for revenge. His main goal is to get Aidan because he killed his son, Connor.  Liam thinks that Aidan is a potential threat to the werewolves and wants to put an end to him as soon as possible. He tries making negotiations with Josh and Nora numerous times to try and kill Aidan, and he has failed many times to do so, he would kill Josh and Nora instead.

Josh, played by Sam Huntington, was turned back into a werewolf when Liam scratched him.  Josh saved Aidan, who was being tortured by Liam.  Liam would’ve killed Aidan, if Josh had not come in time to save him.  Before Josh came, Liam had injected Aidan with tainted blood, potentially giving him the swine flu virus.  After Josh shot Liam a few times, Liam started to turn, as it was a full moon that night.  When Liam fully turned werewolf, he attacked Josh and Aidan, who were running up the stairs from Liam’s dungeon.  Josh was able to stab Liam in the eye, but not before Liam could scratch Josh’s arm, making him a werewolf yet again.

Aidan, played by Sam Witwer, who had been dealing with some issues with turning people into a vampire, coping with the fact that he ends up killing everyone that he loves, and Liam, finally made some peace with himself. Before Liam died, one day Aidan was talking to Sally in their house, and was suddenly shot out of nowhere, by  Liam.  He wanted to completely wipe out Aidan, and almost did, had it not been for Josh, who momentarily stunned and distracted Liam.  Liam stabbed Aidan with an iron bar and briefly staked him to the wall.  When Liam knocked Josh and Nora to the ground, Aidan, still staked to the wall, was able to grab Liam and forcefully pull him towards him, impaling Liam through the same iron bar.

However, Aidan still had to deal with Kenny, a teenager he took in who had never in his entire life gotten sick.  Aidan needed Kenny because he had clean blood, and Aidan couldn’t trust any humans out there with the deadly virus.  Kenny also wanted to become a vampire, after seeing Aidan accidentally turn into a vampire in front of him.  Aidan agreed to turn Kenny into a vampire, in which Kenny would become his apprentice.  When Aidan had killed Liam, Kenny began sucking the blood of a knocked-out Nora, laying on the floor.  Aidan told Kenny to run for his life and never come back, Kenny listened and ran as fast as he could.

After seeing many promos and trailers for the premiere of the fourth season, it seems that Sally and Donna are somehow living together, but in a surreal looking spa.  Josh has ran away and Nora is insanely terrified on his whereabouts.  Aidan, still tries to find peace with his love life.  So much has happened in the third season, and with the fourth season premiering next Monday, Jan. 13, only time will tell what will happen next.

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