Movie Review: “Saving Mr. Banks”

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Disney fanatics will want to rush to the theaters to watch “Saving Mr. Banks.” This is tale about the trails and tribulations that Walt Disney (played by Tom Hanks) went through to make “Mary Poppins” the hit motion picture that it is today.

Mary Poppins was a book written by P.L. Travers (played by Emma Thompson) and when Disney’s kids were growing up, it was their favorite story and so he made a promise to his kids that he would make it into a motion picture. The only thing stopping Disney from fulfilling his promise to his children is that P.L. Travers hated corporate empires, including Disney.

The very stubborn P.L. Travers and the very enthusiastic and creative Mr. Disney did not mingle too well, but with wholehearted dedication from Disney and Travers and Disney made a story that is loved by families across globe for years and years to come.

They did a really good job at recreating the events that really happened, for example, Travers insisted on recording all their meetings so that if Disney was going to not listen to her, she had proof that stated what she wanted. During the credits in the movie, they played those real recordings.

This movie is definitely a must see.

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