Movie Review: “47 Ronin”

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( Photo courtesy of

“47 Ronin” is an action packed movie that will keep you on your toes and shock you at each moment with what comes next. All the actors in this move did a very good job of playing their serious roles and in their fighting scenes.

The movie starts in ancient Japan and truly comes down to an understanding that people are put into a certain category and they must stay in that category no matter what. Although “47 Ronin” is an action packed movie, but it also has a love story mixed in. It focuses on two people who want to be together, but cant due to each their status. “47 Ronin” also shows that in ancient Japan being honorable was the most important thing. This is shown when 47 samurais are banned from their village after their emperor is killed by the enemy village. The samurais wont stop at anything to avenge their emperor’s death.

The main character Kai who is played by Keanu Reeves. Kai is the misfit of the village, but is an amazing fighter since he was raised by demons. Reeves does an excellent job betraying his misunderstood character.

This movie will keep you entertain until the end with fighting, demons, witches, and ancient times. I promise that there will never be a dull moment!

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