Dear Admirer


Dear Annie,

The great, mysterious adviser, I am not sure if I should try to get a girlfriend in high school. I heard I may lose lots of cash. I really really like this girl, especially her personality and smile. We are friends for at least a year, but I am not certain if I should ask her out to the prom. How do I interact with her and her friends more? Should I get a girlfriend or not? Also, I want to hang out with friends. I have school friends, but no hangout friends at all. I waited so long to have hangout friends. I want to hangout with good and funny people even for a day or less. Can you please tell me a way to start to have hangout friends? I just wish to spend more time with these wonderful people. I hardly know any movies, musics and video games, so I may have a tough time interacting. PS: Annie….. I read your previous post. You give specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely advice. You rock Annie, the great, mysterious adviser!


Your Number One Admirer

Dear Admirer,

Having a girlfriend means more than just calling someone “your girlfriend.” I hate to be blunt, but if you’re wanting a girlfriend and you’re worrying about the money because you think that you are going to spend a lot, then you might not be ready for a relationship. Relationships are about having a sacred bond with a special someone, not one person being a gold digger and someone else just being on the giving end. I think you should pay for some stuff, but not everything. And vice versa! If you do really like her, and it seems like you do, take a chance. What can you lose? Since prom is still kind of far away, try asking her to be your girlfriend if that is really what you want. Make sure the feelings are mutual if you do want her to be your girlfriend. If you aren’t sure if they are mutual, maybe tell her that you have feelings for her and you want to see where things are going, if they are even going anywhere. And when it comes to the friends, try to find people that have the same interests as you do. You will definitely find friends. If you already have friends at school, what’s wrong with hanging out with them? Ask them if they want to go see a movie or get a bite to eat over the weekend. Just remember to be yourself and never forget that!



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