How To Help Save The Environment

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The environment is very important because it effects everyone. Unfortunately there are problems that are harming the environment. Helping to save the environment does not require major life changes – even the smallest changes can make a difference. There are numerous steps you can take to help.

1. Do not waste electricity. Turn off lights when you are not currently in the room. Turn off your computer when you are done using it. Unplug any electronic device that you are not using at the moment. This can be beneficial to both you and the environment. You can save money on your electricity bill and electricity is saved from being wasted.

2. Buy and sell second hand items. Just because something is used does not mean it has lost its functionality and should be thrown away. A lot of items are purchased in new condition and thrown away after a few uses, but this only adds to the problem of harming the environment. Items that are completely reusable end up in landfills and the material is wasted. To help prevent this problem from happening you can purchase used items. You can find used items in many places including used bookstores, thrift shops, and online websites like This can benefit you because you save will money on the items you were going to originally purchase for full price. You can also sell items you no longer use on This can also benefit you because you can make some extra money from the items laying around your home that you don’t use anymore. It helps the environment because the items that could have been thrown away are used again.

3. Use alternate transportation. Instead of using a car, which uses gas to get to somewhere, there are many other beneficial choices. You can save money on gas by using the bus or carpooling. What helps the environment the most and saves the most money is either biking or walking. This can also benefit your health by giving you exercise.

4. Save paper. There are many simple ways to save paper. When eating you can limit yourself to one paper napkin. After washing your hands limit yourself to one paper towel. Instead of paying bills by mail, you can pay bills online. Instead of buying physical copies of books you can buy the same books online. Use both sides when printing paper, and sign up not to receive junk mail. Doing all of these steps can help save millions of trees from being cut down and turned into paper.

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