Community Service: Stephanie Barrow

Junior Stephanie Barrow is an excellent  student and active member of Oceana’s  Europe club,  CSF, prom committee, and sex Ed squad. If that wasn’t enough, she’s also a productive citizen in society. While most students find it hard to complete the 100 hours of community service requirement at Oceana, Barrow has gone above and beyond and has over 900 hours of community service done.

Barrow has volunteered at the Pacifica Boys and Girls Club for four years now and enjoys every minute of it. Barrow explains ” I volunteer because I like it and it looks good on scholarships.”  Barrow volunteers 3-5 hours a week during the school year and  commits around 40 hours to the Boys and Girls Club during the summer.

When Barrow is volunteering she organizes activities for the kids, supervises and plays with them and supervises the kids on their field trips. She also prepares their snacks. Barrow also helps with the administration at the Boys and Girls Club by answering phone calls, talking with the parents, taking payments, and writing the receipts.

Barrow is proud to say ” I love everything about the Boys and Girls Club and what it has to offer and everything that they stand for. I love the kids and I love seeing them grow up in a supportive environment. The staff are some of the nicest people that I know and I get along  with them great. I love getting to know new people since there are new volunteers every year. I enjoy being a leader and being involved with the kids as well as being in an administrative role.”

When asked if it was difficult balance school work and volunteering Barrow answered with ” No not really. They’re both really important to me, so I make time for both of them. I have learned how to balance my obligations, so that I can do the volunteering that I enjoy.” Even though it can be difficult to balance social life, school work , and volunteering, Barrow will counting to volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club through out her high school life and will be sad to leave one day for college. Although the Boys and Girls Club has given her valuable long life lessons, and memories that she will keep forever.

(Photo courtesy of stephiane Barrow.)
(Photo courtesy of stephanie Barrow.)
(photo courtesy of
(photo courtesy of


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