How to Work Out Safely and Effectively

A workout can feel as if you are pushing your muscles to get fit, yet really you are not getting the most out of it that you can.  To get the maximum effect there are certain ways the workouts need to be done.  If the workouts are done properly and intensely enough, then you will  gain what is called the “after-burn effect.” This is when the muscles are properly strained to make the body believe that it is going into “survival mode” so it will burn a greater amount of calories for the next 48-hours after the work out.  But do not think that just because calories are being burned even though you are not working out that you do not need to continue working out regularly.  If workouts are done more frequently, the amount of calories that are burned can be tripled maybe even quadrupled, making your fitness goals happen more quickly. Going into the after-burn effect tricks your body into thinking that you are in danger and then it begins work overtime.  In this article I will tell you how to reach the after-burn effect.

Things needed:

  • Time
  • Concentration
  • Will power
  • Effort
  • Energy


  1. The first step is to make sure in all your workouts that you triangularly breathe. Breathe in through your nose as you prepare to push your muscle(s) and as you push your muscle(s) breathe out. This a big factor in having endurance, especially in running. When running make sure that  your back is straight so more air will be able to travel to your lungs, helping endurance.
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  2. Make sure your form is right, especially when in weight training.  When doing push-ups make sure that your hands are right under the arm pits, you can either touch the ground with the chest or make a 90 degree angle with the elbows, and make sure that the back is completely straight.  When doing sit ups make sure that you are coming up with your abdominal muscles by not pushing your head forward at all and not using momentum with your hands or head.  Momentum makes you go through the motions without really using all your muscles.
  3. Make sure that you push yourself and do it through reps and set.  Do not just do it in one rep and set because then the after-burn effect will not be achieved.
  4. Make sure you make the workouts more consistent, do not cheat on working out and do workouts regularly three or four times a week.

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  5. To help achieve the after-burn effect and burn a maximum amount of calories, a healthy diet is needed as well.  A variety of fruits, vegetable, nuts, and meat need to be consumed for the nutrients that they contain. The nutrients make it easier for the after-burn effect to be reached because it provides more energy and less effort will have to be put in for the after-burn effect to become active. Eating fat burning food like fruits and vegetables help the calories be burned even more and within weeks your body will be fit rather than months of just going through the motions.

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