Video Game Review: “Cookie Clicker”

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“Cookie Clicker” is an online browser game where the goal is to make as many cookies as possible.  The game was created by Orteil, a video game designer and was released on Aug. 10, 2013.

The methods of obtaining cookies are clicking the giant cookie as many times as possible. Soon after you will be able to purchase buildings, which help produce a certain amount of cookies per second. There are many types of buildings. First, there are cursors which automatically click the giant cookie once every ten seconds, then there are grandmas which help bake cookies, then farms to grow cookies, factories to produce cookies, mines to mine out cookies, shipments to bring cookies from the cookie planet,  alchemy labs to turn gold into cookies, portals which take you into the cookieverse, time machines where cookies are brought from the past before they were even eaten, and finally antimatter condensers which condenses the antimatter of the universe into cookies.

Each building has different prices and the higher the price, the higher amount of cookies per second will be made. These buildings can also make even more cookies by purchasing upgrades which increases the rate of cookies per second for each of the buildings you have of that upgrade. As of version 1.0393 there are 135 upgrades and 97 achievements. The game play is very fun and addicting, the only improvements that could be made to this game would be to add more cookie producing buildings.

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