Teen Fiction

Photo courtesy of  http://www.wattpad.com

There are many people out their who love to read fan fiction, which is a great to read without even feeling like you’re reading. Wattpad is a new fan fiction website that has just about any type of genre you could wish for. It covers almost all genres like horror, mystery, crime, fantasy, fairytale, romance, comedy and teen fiction. Above all, the teen fiction is the best. Many of the stories under teen fiction are great because they have amazing story plots and great details. The only thing that is annoying from time to time is the grammar, which isn’t always perfect.

Photo courtesy of http://www.feminspire.com

“Mr. Popular and I” is a great example of a story under teen fiction. The short story begins in a high school setting, where there are cliques and, the most popular people in school are who everyone wants to be friends with. Lea Wilson, a nobody, sadly lost her home do to an infestation of insects. Apart from having one friend and being an outcast in school who no one knows, she soon learns that the people who have invited her family to stay with them have a son. Their son, River Parker is the hottest, richest good looking guy in school and is the last person she would expect to be sharing a house with in a million years. Since she now associates with the it boys in school she ends up being the center of attention. For Lea, things will never be the same. Being stuck in a mansion with a cute boy is about enough to make her faint. Two people from different worlds will come together and change their views of each other.

There are many more stories like this one on this awesome. Check out the whole website here.

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