Top Three Winter Outfits

It’s definitely getting cold out and layering your clothes will keep you warm. Here are the top three outfits for women to wear in the winter:

(Photo Courtesy of Glamour)
(Photo Courtesy of Glamour)

Wearing over sized sweaters are really in this year. Simply wearing a white over sized sweater with jeans and ankle boots will make you look warm and casual. Buying an over sized sweater can be very costly, so the best place to purchase an over sized sweater is any Goodwill store or any thrift store. During the winter time, this outfit is definitely my go-to outfit when I don’t want to be too warm but not too cold.

(Photo Courtesy of Glamour)
(Photo Courtesy of Glamour)

During the winter, there are many family parties, so looking formal but being warm is the most important thing. For me personally, pairing tights with a dress makes my legs warmer. In the winter, the best colors to wear is creme, gold, white, navy, red or green. Dress length for this outfit is best at the knee because anything longer is more summer attire. To pull the outfit together, a parka or a pea coat is a good way to make this outfit so much cuter! Black ankle or knee high boots are really cute to wear with this.

(Photo Courtesy of Erica Monh Kvam of
(Photo Courtesy of Erica Monh Kvam of


Winter is the best time to pair your favorite jeans with boots so take advantage of it when you can. In this outfit, wearing a colored shirt and a jacket makes the outfit look very simple. This outfit is meant to be simple while the scarf makes it pop out just a little more. So don’t forget to top your outfit with an infinity scarf!

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