How To Pass a Behind-the-Wheel Driving Test

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When trying to get a drivers license it is mandatory to pass the behind-the-wheel driving test. To pass the behind-the-wheel test there are a few mandatory things that are needed to be done before the test is even taken. The test is very easy to pass if you have practiced enough driving and if you have common sense about your driving. It is a very big thing to pass a driving test and finally getting a driver’s license, it is one step to becoming an adult.

Things needed:

  • A permit
  • Proof of hours driven with instructor (applies to minors only)
  • knowledge on hand signals
  • common sense
  • confidence


  1. Make sure you have done and have proof of the six hours that are mandatory (if you are still a minor) to take the test. The six hours of driving with the instructor is important because in that time they go over every aspect  of driving with you and make sure you master it before you take the driving test.
  2. Make sure you schedule an appointment at the DMV before hand to avoid standing in lines for hours.
  3. Learn the streets before hand so it is easier for you to pass knowing the tricky roads.
  4. Bring your drivers permit to to the DMV to show that it was legal to drive and practice driving on your own time.
  5. Memorize the hand signals for “left,” “right,” and “stop.” This is the first part of the test, if you do not know the hand signals you immediately get marked down on your drivers test.
  6. Make sure you know which way to flick the signal switch to show which direction. This part is also done before the driving test begins.
  7. When driving off do not forget to use to the blinkers when exiting the parking lot and for the duration of the test. If not used, your test will be marked down and a possibility of not passing is much greater.

    (Photo courtesy of
    (Photo courtesy of
  8. Whatever you do, make sure that you do NOT hit the curb. Hitting or grazing the curb with any part of the car is an automatic fail on the behind-the-wheel driving test.
  9. While driving check all mirrors and do not forget to look over your shoulder when changing lanes or merging onto a highway or freeway (most DMVs do not tell you to go onto a freeway, but just to make sure in case they do).
  10. The next part of the test that is crucially important is puling up to the curb and reversing parallel to the curb for a 100 feet, there is no parking of the car. The only time when you park the car is at the end of the driver’s test where your score will be given.
  11. The last part of the test is to go back into the parking lot of the DMV. Drive to the “end test” parking the car into the parking spot.
  12. At the end of the test your score will be given to you, if you had less than 15 mistakes on the behind-the-wheel test then you pass and proceed to get your temporary license until you receive the actual license in the mail. If you have more than 15 mistakes you are able to return to the DMV and redo the behind-the-wheel test two weeks after the previous attempt.

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