How to Choose your Gingerbread Cookie Recipe

It’s the holiday season and nothing brings back memories like holiday food. Warm spices and rich flavors are all hallmarks of this chilly time of the year. Nothing embodies this sweet treat like gingerbread cookies, a seasonal favorite.

There are many types of gingerbread cookies, and they all look so delicious; it can be hard to pick! The different kinds of gingerbread recipes are all appropriate for different occasions. Here, the gingerbread recipes are sorted into an understandable way which will help you choose which one is best for you.

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#1 Classic Gingerbread Cookies
The first option is for those who are looking for the most classic gingerbread cookie recipe and have no special requirements. No fuss, just simple cookie cutting and decorating fun. This recipe is sure to satisfy with easy to follow steps and attractive results. This is a large batch, so if you have a small family or are not planning to bring these to a holiday party, you might want to half the recipe.

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#2 Paleo (wheat free, gluten free, dairy free) Gingerbread Men The Second choice is for whoever is craving these sweet holiday treats, but does not want to sacrifice their healthy life style. Sugar, wheat flour, and any other processed ingredients are eliminated in this recipe, making them certified paleo. It also has a few specialty ingredients: coconut flour and almond flour, which bring a wholesome level of complexity into this warming recipe. Be warned, if you are especially anxious about the aesthetic outcome, you might not want to pick these hilariously (realistically?) imperfect gingerbread men.

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#3 Gluten Free Almond Flour Gingerbread Men
This recipe is for anyone who cannot eat gluten or wheat but still wants the classic flavor and adorableness that gingerbread cookies have to offer. These cookies are sure to please even those without allergy because of their delicious spices and even a little lemon zest. Just be sure to read the directions about rolling out the dough to prevent sticking.

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#4 Raw Vegan Gingerbread Menu
Although these are definitely not the classic gingerbread cookies most people imagine, these have a charm of their own. They still have that gingerbread man shape and flavor, just a different texture: one made most of date and almond. These are healthy snack that can satisfy your gingerbread craving with sweet, creamy, spicy flavors, not to mention anyone gluten free, vegan, or avoiding sugar will love these special treats.

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