“Frozen” Movie Review

(Photo courtesy of rotoscopers.com)
(Photo courtesy of rotoscopers.com)

Disney has finally made a come back.

With the highly hyped, newly released “Frozen,” this new hit is definitely something to get excited over. Filled with love, heartbreak, sorrow and empathy, this movie hits almost every emotion.

The film tells the story of two sisters, Anna and Elsa. They were the best of friends, but Elsa’s powers of being able to freeze anything with her fingertips becomes too much and Anna can’t be around Elsa without getting hurt. However, Anna doesn’t know about any of this. She just thinks that Elsa is ignoring her and doesn’t like her anymore.

Years later when the girls become of age, Elsa is claimed “Snow Queen” and eventually accidentaly freezes their hometown into an “eternal winter” and strikes Anna with her powers in her heart and the only way to cure her from death is an act of love.

On Anna’s wild adventure to find Elsa, she finds her true love and when the sisters reunite, they meet their childhood friend who came to life, Olaf the snowman.

The ending of the story is definitely a tear jerker and definitely is one for the books. This amazing story deserves 5 whole-hearted stars!

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