Robinson Cano Joining Mariners, Yankees Fans Enraged

(Photo courtesy of
(Photo courtesy of

Robinson Cano just signed a 10-year, $240 million contract with the Seattle Mariners late last week. A press conference was held in Seattle this past Thursday to welcome Cano and give him his Mariners jersey. Mariners fans and the city of Seattle were very hospitable to Cano and welcomed him with open arms. However, some fans of another team were irate and furious with Cano.

After spending eight seasons with the Yankees, Cano had become a fan favorite in New York. When Yankees fans became aware of Cano signing a 10-year commitment with the Seattle Mariners, they had some harsh words and responses for him.

Yankees fans allowed their voices to be heard on Twitter, just unloading insults at Cano. One fan apparently said, “Have fun winning 60 games for the next ten years, you no good sell out. ”  Kevin Lauro tweeted, “You’re a stupid *****.  You’ll never win in Seattle. I’m a Mets fan and I hate your guts.  I’m glad Harvey hit you.” Fernando Perez tweeted, “I hope you guys come in last.  Behind the **** Astros.” There were some other fans that tweeted more violent, almost death-threat like insults. Patrick Godfrey tweeted, “I hope both your ACLs explode and your career is over you traitor.” Antonio tweeted, “You’re my favorite player, but I hope you get Lou Gehrig’s disease.”  TJ Reichel tweeted, “You used to be my idol now I couldn’t care less if you had a career ending Tommy John surgery.”

Before all the insults started piling on Cano’s Twitter account, Cano thanked the fans and the city of New York for a wonderful eight years and all the support he was given.  The fans of New York obviously didn’t take too kindly to him giving thanks and refused to accept it.

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