Katy Perry: “Prism”

Photo Courtesy of KatyPerry.com


Singer/Songwriter, Katy Perry released her fourth album entitled “Prism,” on Oct. 18.  She collaborated with many artists from her previous albums and worked with many new producers.

The album is quite different compared to any she’s released before, and it reached number one in Canada, Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom. A lot of this album contains a mixture of pop and glam rock, while lyrically it encourages confidence, and speaks through a lot of self-help talk and emotion, especially towards the female audience. This album is a big change and step forward from Perry’s last album, “Teenage Dream.” She is definitely transitioning into something way more evolved and leaving behind the fun and catchy pop songs she’s known for. She definitely hits her fans personally with some of her more emotional lyrics, especially with the tracks “Unconditionally” and “By the Grace of God.” The sense of maturity and growth that Perry was obviously trying to convey is very apparent.

The album is a complete turn around and change, but is also a huge surprise to a lot of her fans. Prism has a very different touch and vibe, from its melody to its lyrics. It is not Perry’s usual exciting and pop-dance radio songs anymore. You can definitely feel the tension throughout this album. You see the attempt for Perry and her team to want to shake up the ordinary Perry that most of her fans probably suspected. It shows that Perry’s management team and producers are starting to think more creatively and that Perry is starting to show more of her personal side. This album lists 13 tracks, all of new and unique tones.

With her worldwide fame that she has taken on for years now, her fans will be more then pleased to hear a different side to her. She isn’t that far into her professional career just yet, and fans can only await Katy Perry’s best years and more albums to still come.

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