Christmas Present Ideas!

It’s that time of year!  The time to give and receive.  If you’re on a budget, these are some ideas that could help you give presents to all your loved ones while saving some money.

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One exciting way to have fun with Christmas presents this year is by hosting or starting a “Secret Santa.”  Secret Santa is a Christmas tradition for some families and friends. To participate, each member of your group must write their names on a tiny piece of paper.  Then they must fold the paper so that the name is not seen.  Then everyone puts their names in a hat or bag, and everyone chooses a name from that same hat/bag.  The name you receive is the person you are getting a gift for.  There is usually a money spending limit.  Secret Santa benefits everyone because no one is left out and everyone gets a present.

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As for presents, there are many cheap ways to be creative and make your own presents.  Everyone loves sweets and treats.  For this Christmas present idea you’ll need a mug  – preferably a holiday mug – and some fuzzy socks or any small form of accessory that suits your group of friends, red ribbon strings, and a suitable plastic wrap that can fit the mug.  You can most likely find each of these items at the dollar store or Target for $1 to $2 each.  You’ll also need some Hershey’s kisses and candy canes which come by the pack and are available at almost any store.
To start off, you would need to:

1.) Place the Hershey kisses at the bottom of the mug and fill it up half way.

2.) Stick 1-2 candy canes on the side with the curving end in the mug.

3.) Place the fuzzy socks or accessories on top of the Hershey’s Kisses. After organizing and making it look appealing to your taste, put the mug in the plastic wrap and tie the end with the ribbon.

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Another inexpensive and creative way to give gifts is by baking them!  Anything from cookies to brownies would be perfect for this present idea.  All you need is a festive picture frame that you can get at Target or Dollar Tree for about 3-7 dollars, a plastic wrap to put the treats in, a picture of you and the friend/loved one you are give it to, and a ribbon string.

1.) Bake the treats at a suitable size to fit in the bag or wrap.

2.) Place the treats in the plastic wrap, then place it flat on top of the picture frame, which will have the picture in it.

3.) Lastly, all you need to do is tie the ribbon to make sure the treat will stay in place.  It is a fun and cute way to personalize a present!

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