“Bad Girls All Star Battle” Season 2 is Coming Soon!

Photo courtesy of youtube.com

Last season’s “Bad Girls All Star Battle” was intense! Now imagine how crazy this season will be with a whole new group of bad girls. You can expect a lot more drama, a lot more fights and, better yet, a whole lot more intensity between all the girls! Four girls from last season will be back this season; Rocky, Danni, Paula & Meghan. Besides them, everyone else is new and of course the wonderful RayJay will be the host once again.

From the looks of it, the conflicts will rise quickly this season because they are putting a lot of girls who have problems with one another on the show this season. Do you think this season will have a surprising ending like how last season did? Everyone thought Florina, also known as “Flo,” would take the title of the baddest bad girl and win 100,000 dollars, but to everyone’s surprise Jennifer stole the title from her. This season there will be 16 girls and they will be divided into two teams. Look at the teams below and you can expect one big game show full of bad girls! You know its going down this season! Don’t miss this season if you want to see who the big winner will be.

“Bad Girls Club All Star Battle” premiers Tuesday, Jan. 7 at 8 p.m. on Oxygen.

Red team:

Danni (Season 8)

Janelle (Season 11)

Nancy (Season 10)

Paula (Season 10)

Rocky (Season 10)

Stephanie (Season 10)

Sarah (Season 11)

Andrea (Season 11)

Gold Team:

Shelly (Season 7)

Camilla (Season 8)

Elease (Season 8)

Amy (Season 8)

Meghan (Season 9)

Alicia (Season 10)

Valentina (Season 10)

Tiana (Season 11)


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