A Rant About Kanye West’s Music Video: Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Belong!

Photo courtesy of http://www.people.com

So like what is up with Kim Kardashian now ? She went from sex tapes to being a untalented actress in “disaster movie” and now she wants to be in Kanye West’s music video? Only because your fiancé is a famous rapper doesn’t mean you have to try and be in every single one of his videos. Not only that, but the video they made together which is called “Bound 2” is one of the worst videos ever made!  Kanye West isn’t a great rapper anyways. He is like a wanna be Jay-Z now and Kim is a wanna be Beyoncé; sorry Kim, but you will never be Sasha Fierce.

The lyrics to the video do not make sense at all! In the video, Kanye West is rapping and then all of the sudden you hear a computerized voice saying “uh-huh honey…” It’s also totally obvious that it wasn’t Kim’s body in the video. How can someone loose so much weight in a month or so after having a baby? You really shouldn’t be staring in music videos naked after having a baby not too long ago. Where is her class at? Half of the time in the video she looks like she doesn’t know what to do or anything. Kim Kardashian just needs to stick to making clothes or whatever she is famous for.  Just because her fiancé is in the music industry doesn’t mean she needs to try to be in it as well.

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