TV Show Review: “The Carrie Diaries”

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The Carrie diaries is a teen drama and the prequel to the hit TV show “Sex And The City.” The plot of this show starts in 1984 near New York City. Carrie Bradshaw  (Anna Sophia Robb) lives in Casaberry Connecticut.  The main character is a junior in high school and the show deals with all of the problems it brings into her life. Bradshaw deals with guys, falling in love, and over all  trying to keep her job at a magazine company working for Larissa Laughlin (Freema Agyman). Dealing with her mother passing away, Carrie tries to figure out who she and what she wants. While at school she deals with the presence of Sebastian Kydd (Austin butler) the new heartthrob in school who she she met over the summer at the local pool house. They instantly had connection, but just like reality, things go wrong. As Bradshaw and her friends move through high school the drama follows follows them.

Carrie and Sebastian have a relationship, but it ends quickly. Dana LaDana (Chloe Bridges), the typical mean girl who every guy wants, (or at least wants to get with), steals Carrie’s boyfriend and more drama is created. As the queen bee she think she is, she likes to ruin peoples lives, but yet be very clever about where her intentions are getting her.

Sex is a major feature in this drama  along with friendships, school and sexuality in terms of finding one self. Over all, the entire show is a hit, many students can relate to one or many of the characters in the show. Every episode will have you guessing what going to happen next.

(Photo courtesy of hollywoodlife)
(Photo courtesy of hollywoodlife)

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