Kobe Bryant: A Legend Returns

(Photo Courtesy: flikhdwallpaper.com)
Photo Courtesy: flikhdwallpaper.com

As many of you may well know, Kobe Bryant, star shooting guard of the Los Angeles Lakers, has finally made his season debut Sunday evening against the Toronto Raptors. The home crowd fans of the Los Angeles Lakers gave Bryant a standing ovation and were chanting “KOBE” during player announcements on Sunday.

The game began with a sweet bullet pass from Bryant to center Robert Sacre who has shown major improvement over the last two years in the league. As the game progressed the Raptors took an early 11-2 lead while the Lakers were trying to rejuvenate Bryant’s killer mentality. One minute and forty seven seconds into the game, Bryant took his first shot of the season, which ultimately turned into an air balled hook-shot, one of his favorite moves in his arsenal.

After being away from the basketball court the Black Mamba was looking rusty and nervous in his first game back, but you would expect anybody to when a horrible injury removed him from the court for eight months. He started the game out sluggish and struggling. From the field he scored nine points from the field as well as eight turnovers, four assists, eight rebounds, and three steals. The Lakers lost the Black Mamba’s  first game back to the Raptors 106-94.

On Tuesday Dec. 10 the Lakers were at home against Eric Bledsoe and the Phoenix Suns. The Black Mamba had a more solid and more legendary performance in his second game back. He scored 20 points in a loss to the Phoenix suns when the Morris twins were having the greatest game of their young careers.

The Lakers are playing the Oklahoma City Thunder at the Staples Center tonight hopping to pull out their first win of the season since Bryant’s return and his first official start at point guard.

(Photo courtesy: wallibs.com)
Photo courtesy: wallibs.com

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