TV Show Review: “Skins”

(Photo Courtesy of FanPop!)
(Photo Courtesy of FanPop!)

“Skins,” is a British teen drama that show teens from Bristol, South West England who struggle through different problems. Currently, there are seven seasons of “Skins.” Every other season consist of new teens. Most teens in the show are struggling through growing up, love and happiness, and drugs and alcohol. Seasons one and two focus more on teens that are trying to grow up and learn more about love and life. The teens in these seasons were teens who lived with little adult supervision, which led them to partying a lot. The lack of adult supervision was because most parents or adults abandoned their kids due to divorce or drugs and alcohol. Seasons three and four focus on teens who smoke, consume alcohol and drugs, deal with teacher abuse and sex addiction. Seasons five and six focus more cliques and differences. Season seven focuses more on three characters’ lives today and how successful or unsuccessful they’ve become.

Overall, the show is dramatic and exciting. This show is not suitable for kids  because it contains many sexual scenes. Each episode is different, but is always a continuation of the previous one, which makes this show very interesting and surprisingly good.  There is also an American version of this show. This show is recommended to teens and to those who really want to see what it feels like to go through tough times like the teens in this show.

All of the British episodes are available on Netflix and you can watch the American version on MTV.

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