Dear Anonymous

Dear Annie,
I do not feel confident enough to ask this girl out, or even confess my feelings towards her. I really want to talk to her, but I am just so afraid that I might be rejected. Everyone fears rejected, but how can I face it so I feel confident enough to tell her?
From, Anonymous
Dear Anonymous,
You’re right, everyone does fear rejection, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and see where it takes you. You don’t know her feelings – she might feel the same way! And if she doesn’t, it was at least a good learning experience for you. Sometimes you just have to do things that scare you. If you really like her and you think she’s really special, take the chance. What do you have to lose? Before you go off and tell her your feelings though, get to know her (if you guys don’t talk at all). Be genuine and friendly. Get to know her. Find out if you guys have any similarities or interests in the same things. Hang out with her! If you guys are friends and know each other, look out for signals and her body language. Signals and body language are a huge key when it comes to affection in relationships. Once you feel comfortable around her and you get to know her (but not too comfortable that you guys become friend-zoned), then maybe hint at her that you like her and then maybe just go all out and tell her you like her or ask her out. In order to feel confident you have to keep telling yourself that you are confident. Make yourself conscious that you can do it, no matter what the outcome is.
Hope this helps and good luck!


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