Jameis Winston Not Charged with Sexual Assualt?

(photo courtesy: cbssports.com)
(photo courtesy: cbssports.com)

Jameis Winston, The Florida state quarterback who is leading the Heisman race and is currently ranked the best player in the nation amongst all college athletes, is facing sexual assault charges, and may have been potentially be dropped from the Heisman race. However “he is not facing any charges,” stated by Florida’s leading attorney in their second circuit court on Thursday afternoon.

William M. Meegs the state attorney who took over the case from the Tallahassee police department stated that “there is insufficient evidence to convict Winston on the sexual assault charges.” He also goes on to state that “after reviewing the facts in this case, we do not feel that we can reach those burdens to convict him.” Despite this, the woman claims that she was raped at an apartment and in the bathroom, but apparently did not remember where it had taken place. He abuser had only 0.4 percent of alcohol in his system and they were relatively no drugs in her system or commonly known as the date rape drug.

The woman, who is currently 20 years old (no name given), made the charges against Winston on Dec. 7, 2012. The woman’s family members paid for an attorney and a leading police investigator told the lawyer that pursuing charges against Winston would earn her public scorn. Not only did the charges disappear for a few months, but the charges were brought right back up near Saturdays Atlantic Coast Conference

 Jameis Winston may not be out of the Heisman race just yet considering he is still a top tier player and could honestly become one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever go to the NFL.

If Winston wins this Saturday he could lead the number one ranked Seminoles to the Championship game, one that has been long awaited by fans, coaches, players and the whole state of Florida.

(photo courtesy: ibtimes.com
(photo courtesy: ibtimes.com)

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