How to make soft boiled eggs

What’s a better way to start your day than to enjoy a nice soft boiled egg? It’s really quick to make in the morning, taste yummy, and is extremely healthy. While hard boils eggs are also tasty, nothing beats the delicious watery yolk surrounded by firm egg whites.

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Time: five minutes

Number of servings: one

Ingredients: 1 Egg,


Step 1: Boil a pot of water

Step 2: Slowly place egg into pot of boiling water and lower heat to a simmer

Step 3: Set timer for five minutes (set timer longer for a harder yolk and shorter for a runnier yolk)

Step 4: Remove egg from pot with tongs and splash in ice water

Step 5: Peel and enjoy. Excellent with a pinch of salt and pepper, with a side of buttered English muffin.

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