Dear Sex Ed Squad: When is a good time to talk about sex?

Photo Courtesy of Brooks Bell
Photo Courtesy of Brooks Bell

Dear Sex Ed Squad,

When’s a good time to talk about having sex in my relationship? I want to have sex with my boyfriend, but I don’t want to look easy.

– Ready to Talk

Dear Ready to Talk,

I’m so happy you’re being responsible and choosing to talk to your partner about sex! You’re making a great decision, but (unfortunately) there is no right time to talk about sex. It’s up to your personal preferences. It seems like you’re ready, so sit down with your partner in private (before things get heated) and make sure you explain how you feel, concerns and all. Whenever you talk, make sure to talk about boundaries, how far you both want to go, and what you both are ready for. Remember! Vaginal sex isn’t the only type of sex. Everyone will talk, but that shouldn’t impact YOUR decision. Having sex doesn’t mean you’re “easy,” it means you feel emotionally and physically ready to take the next step with someone and that’s completely okay! Finally, don’t forget to use protection! Condoms are available in Ms. Ambrose’s room!

Good luck!

Your friendly neighborhood Sex Ed Squad.

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