Community Service: Pacifica Partnership

Pacifica Partnership is an organization of student volunteers that works to prevent drug and alcohol abuse within the teen community of Pacifica. The Oceana members of Partnership meet once a week to discuss what’s going on in school and their personal lives. This helps them develop a close relationship, and they have an environment to talk about their feelings. Then they elaborate about the current events in their latest projects. Some of the recent contributions have been the student surveys which found out how much access students have to alcohol and other drugs. This research helps with future projects and to makes the community a safer place.

TMAC is a group of partnership specifically for teens. TMAC stands for “Teens for Making a Change”. They work to discourage teen drinking and driving by spreading their message to teens and parents in Pacifica. Mary Bier leads the group of teens and directs the meetings.

If you are interested to join, go to the meetings after school on Wednesdays in room 402.

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