Video Game Review: Nba 2k14 For PS4

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The NBA, or the National Basketball Association, has recently released its new addition NBA 2k14 featuring Lebron James.

NBA 2k14 on the newly released PlayStation 4 next gen system is simply awe inspiring. EA Sports went all out with 2k14 and they added new additions to NBA Blacktop and a my GM mode, which is like association, but allows you to do so much more. In this version, my career is much more defined with all new game play and realistic drafting. My career also introduces rivalries between you and another player Jackson Ellis. 2k14 also introduces cut scenes and also hands you a manger that helps mentor and prepare you for the draft. When the Rookie Showcase is over you will fill out a personality test and be interviewed by three teams and you will be drafted by one of the three. When you’re drafted you receive a 5000 virtual currency draft bonus.

When playing 2k you will also notice a lot of flaws. One of the flaws is the fact that your teammates cannot set good screens and that they are not as smart as the players in 2k13. Many people also complained about the lighting because it is either to bright or not enough light. Also the defense is set to zone, which a lot of people feel is inadequate and affects their game play if they are the type to drive into the paint.

2k14 also introduces different camera angles for game play and dunking. It isn’t like the prototypical camera angles from the side or sometimes from behind, but instead it’s a front camera, and side view, a face cam and many more. 2k14 has also kept the social media or Twitter for fans to interact with your my player; you can either receive good or bad reviews from fans. You can also receive trash talk from other NBA players.

2k14 also introduces a post-game interview with either a coach or player. They also introduced a good halftime show that feels more realistic and allows you to really enjoy the game. You are able to be interview depending on your fan popularity and your status amongst NBA players.

You also have a Lebron path to greatness where you can play as the all star player and build your path to greatness whether it’ll be on the Heat or any team you desire such as the Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks or the Golden State Warriors.

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