Call of Duty: Ghosts Game Review

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The beloved first-person shooter series stepped up their game, literally. The new Call Of Duty (COD) is packed with countless hours of fun, not even including the campaign story mode. The campaign mode is packed with adrenaline and exciting action. The game has many “Easter eggs,” which slightly change the game’s maps and missions. Ghosts has a new feel for the setting; it is set in the United States ten years after the hijacking of a satellite, resulting in a ODIN strike being launched on the United States leaving it war-torn and apocalyptic.

The game’s main protagonists are the Ghosts, a U.S. Special Ops force that takes their mission behind enemy lines. The antagonists are the Federation, a squad made by South America’s oil-producing nations after the nuclear strike on the Middle East. The Federation then grows into a power that eventually conquers  Central America and the Caribbean. The main antagonist is Gabriel Rorke, a former Ghost who becomes a traitor for the Federation due to brainwashing and the use of hallucinogenic.

Overall the story mode of the new COD is amazingly well thought out, making the plot and controls really help you feel like you’re into the game. The multiplayer mode is the most popular piece of the game, connecting other players to one setting and battling to victory. The multiplayer mode is still classically similar to the other COD games with only a few changes to make the multiplayer gaming experience more interesting. The maps in this mode are also more interactive than in previous games. The method of obtaining weapons, attachment to the weapons and perks is different from the traditional method of leveling up to obtain weapons, attachment and perks. The new method of obtaining the weapons, attachments and perks earns you points in matches that later on can be spent on those things.The main new addition to the multiplayer mode is the character creation; a player is now able to create and customize a soldier. You are able to see the gender and facial look of the player by the soldier.

The main change to the whole COD universe is the Extinction mode. Everyone is familiar with the intense survival mode and zombie apocalypse mode, now the COD universe brings in the Extinction mode where, instead of other soldiers and zombies, you are fighting through intense hoards of aliens to get the crater where the aliens reside. In the Extinction mode the player(s) fight through aliens to protect a drill that destroys the alien hives. As the player(s) progress through Extinction mode it gets harder quickly, introducing new types of aliens with every hive destroyed. Extinction mode is definitely harder than previous zombie or survival mode due to the increased speed of the targets compared to the previous modes. Though the game is fun to watch, you cannot experience the full amount of excitement and action packed fun until you get behind the controller and actually play the game.

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