Restaurant Review: Tpumps

The tapioca  place with the most hype right now that’s actually worth trying is the one and only Tpumps. This is the place to be right now because it’s one of the best tapioca places in the Bay Area.

Tpumps is a organic tapioca cafe that sells delicious fruity tea drinks and some coffee related drinks. They have two locations: one in San Francisco near Golden Gate Park and the other one in downtown San Mateo. The Tpumps in San Francisco is bigger than the one in San Mateo, but both locations get really packed during the most popular hours, which is mainly after school and the late evening. There are rumors that another Tpumps store will be open soon Burlingame to reduce the wait in line from the store in San Mateo. At Tpumps you have the choice of choosing three different flavors like strawberry, peach, mango, honeydew, coconut etc. You also have the choice of tapioca, lychee or popping boba and you can decide whether you want their drink extra sweet, a little sweet or normal. While waiting in the line you might be treated to  a sample of the tea that they choose. Even though there is a wait sometimes, it is worth every single minute and the best part is that there are tons of other food places near both locations to match the amazing drinks. If you haven’t already been, you should check out Tpumps right away!

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