How to Prepare for Black Friday

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People rushing into a store for their Black Friday shopping.

What’s better than having a nice turkey dinner with your family on Thanksgiving? Why, having a nice turkey dinner and then saving hundreds of dollars on the latest fashions and newest game systems during black Friday. Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving. Many major retailers open extremely early with massive sales to kick off the holiday shopping season. To help make your black Friday shopping easier, here some friendly tips.

1) Bring a friend.

When shopping at stores like Toys R Us, Target, and Best Buy, the lines to checkout can get really crazy. The lines usually stretch all over the store, winding in-between multiple aisle. Waiting in line can take anywhere from thirty minutes to over three hours, which can be almost as much as time spent looking for items. By bringing a friend, one person can wait in these long lines while the other person does their shopping. Later, they can switch roles, keeping the same spot in line. By bringing a friend, shoppers can save time in one store to get home earlier or get to another store before all the goods run out.

2) Arrive early.

Black Friday shopping starts at midnight after Thanksgiving dinner, on Thursday. People will form long lines outside of their favorite stores, trying to get the latest goods and partake in this special savings. Most stores will only let a few people enter at a time, usually in groups of ten to twenty shoppers. With lines consisting of well over a hundred shoppers, most people will be waiting outside the store for a while, especially if they arrived late. By arriving early, the line waiting outside a store tends to be shorter. Stores employees usually let larger groups enter at once during the first few minutes that black Friday shopping begins. By arriving late, shoppers will be stuck waiting in long lines outside the store, lose out on various popular items that will be sold out upon finally entering the store, and then face long lines to checkout when exiting the store.

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Shoppers waiting in a very long line to enter Target.

3) Have a shopping list and a plan.

While black Friday starts on Thursday at midnight, not every store will have sales starting that day. Many retailers will offer certain sales only on Friday, while other will offer sales that starts on Saturday or Sunday. Having a list of times that store sales start can help shoppers plan their trip. They do not have to waste time and money at a store buying, say, Nerf products that don’t go on sale till the following day. Another reason why having a shopping list is a good idea is that black Friday shopping can and usually will get crazy. Most people assume that they can easily enter a store, pick up a item on sale, and then leave. On the contrary, black Friday shopping can take a long time and could be taxing for first timers. Long lines, crowded areas, and ransacked and disorganized shelves can leave shoppers baffled and confused. A shopping list can help people reorganize their thoughts and concentrate on what they want to get.

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Massive amounts of shoppers trying to move around the store.

4) Get some rest beforehand.

Black Friday shopping start at midnight and can easily last way past 6 a.m. This can leave first time black Friday shoppers tired and restless. It is best to get a hour or two sleep before starting your black Friday Shopping. A tired and restless shopper is less responsive, easily agitated and sometime aggressive. Multiple reports of violence and car accidents have occurred on black Friday. So get some rest beforehand to help last through a long shopping spree.

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