Family Guy: Brian Griffin Killed Off Series

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It was an episode that nobody ever expected; one that will definitely change the setting and the plot of a typical Family Guy episode forever.  Brian Griffin was killed off the series completely on Sunday night’s new episode.

He was hit and ran over by a speeding car while he and Stewie were playing street hockey.  Brian was setting up the goal nets and wasn’t paying attention when a speeding car swerved around  the corner and hit him head on.  The Griffins were shocked at what happened and immediately rushed Brian to the hospital.

The Griffins awaited the results and the condition of Brian while at the hospital.  When the doctor finally comes out to talk to the Griffins, he told them that Brian’s injuries were too severe to save him and that he recommends that they say their goodbyes to him now.  The Griffins went into the emergency room to visit Brian one last time.  Stewie appears to be grieving the most as he tells Brian that they were going to do so many things together in life and that his life can’t be over.  The last and final words Brian said to the Griffins were, “You’ve given me a wonderful life.  I love you all…”  Brian flatlined and the Griffins showed an enormous amount of sorrow and grief.  Brian died at the age of 8, which is 56 years old in human years.

In the beginning of the episode, Stewie had dismantled his time machine after he and Brian were traveling to different time periods, experimenting with the machine.  After realizing that Stewie could bring Brian back to life by going back in time to save him from being hit by the car, Stewie immediately tried to rebuild the time machine.  Sadly, while visiting one of the trade markets where he gets his materials for the time machine, one of his friends was forced to stop selling a titanium capacitor that Stewie desperately needed because they have suddenly stopped producing them.

A funeral was held for Brian the following day and many of the main characters appear to give their condolences to the Griffin family.  Lois delivered a big speech about the life of Brian and how he would have wanted them there and for them to move on.

A few weeks after Brian’s death, the Griffins decide that the only way to move on is by getting another dog.  They then go to the pound to find a new dog, not necessarily to replace Brian, but to simply move on.  They find a dog named Vinny, who is an Italian dog and known to be an ex-mobster.  He is a kind dog, who loves to cook, is one sixteenth cat, and has a strong passion for the Italian heritage.

Steve Callaghan, Family Guy’s executive producer, confirmed Brian’s death by saying in an interview with E!, “Well, this was an idea that got pitched in the writers room and it sort of caught fire, and we thought it could be a fun way to shake things up.  It seemed more in the realm of a reality that a dog would get hit by a car, then if one of the kids died.  As much as we love Brian, and as much as everyone loves their pets, we felt it would be more traumatic to lose one of the kids, rather than the family pet.”

I truly believe that this is the most sad and grievous moment in all of the Family Guy episodes.  After watching this episode last night, I actually teared up a bit when Brian uttered his last words to his family of 11 years.  Seeing a main character, who many viewers have grown to know and love over the years, broke my heart.  I have watched Family Guy since I was about ten, and my favorite character in that show, besides Stewie, was Brian.  So watching this episode last night definitely made me upset, but at the same time grief-stricken and mournful.  When I watched Brian die before my very eyes, I kept thinking, “Oh this is just some trick that Seth MacFarlane is trying to pull,” or “He can’t be dead.  He just can’t.  He’s got to come back.”  As I continued watching the episode, I slowly realized that Brian would be gone from the show completely.

I personally think that the show will be a lot different now without Brian and that there will be a sense of emptiness in the coming episodes.  I honestly don’t like the idea of not having Brian there, given the fact that he’s been on every single episode of Family Guy since the pilot episode, which debuted in 1999.  Brian will be truly missed and although he is gone, he will never be forgotten.  I am still hoping that there can be some way Brian can come back to Family Guy. I’m hoping that Stewie can figure out something to bring his ole pal back to life.

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