Texas Student Walks After a Decade of Being in a Wheelchair

photo courtesy   of huffingtonpost.com. this photo is of Tyler Bain walking for his first time in public in ten years.
Photo courtesy of huffingtonpost.com.  Tyler Bain walking for his first time in public in ten years.

Pine Tree Junior High’s most recent football game was outstanding; not because of the hard-hitting action, but because of 13 year-old Tyler Bain walking on the field for the first time in ten years. Bain has been in a wheel chair for the last ten years due to a terrible car accident. Bain walked on the field with the help of his grandfather and teacher. According to News-journal.com, Bain said, “I’m happy that I finally got to show what I can do. Even though I’m in a wheelchair, don’t go by what I look like. Go by what I have inside, a heart.”

Bain wanted to show his team and students in his school that anything is possible. Bain planned to surprise everyone with what he could do a month in advance to the game. He approached the coach of the team and a history teacher to help him with his plan.  A week before the game Bain was named honorary team captain of the football team by the coach. Bain has always had a lot of team spirit and even though he has never played the sport he has always been one of Pine Trees biggest fans and supporters. Everyone who has met Bain agrees that he is a believer, fighter, and all around good person. Coach Ellsworth said, “He always pumps the kids up. He’s an inspiration to everybody that meets him. He’s willing to do anything and go above and beyond.” He also explained how, “Tyler has gotten me to be a better man. He’s helped me look past peoples’ disabilities and look at who they are as a person. He’s touched me in ways I haven’t been touched in a long time.”

Bain shows that with hard work, believing in yourself, and a good attitude anything is possible. He also shows that when someone has a disability, it doesn’t hold them back, it just gives them another challenge in life to overcome.

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