Homework: is it becoming too much of a burden?


By, Jeremy Curimao

“I have so much homework today! From all classes! I don’t know how I’m going to finish it.”

These words are probably the most repeated words that students exclaim when school ends each day. Unfortunately, homework has become an excessive burden for students across America, with some parents even strongly agreeing that teachers and administrators alike must reevaluate the need for homework.

Homework is given to students on a daily basis. Clearly, more homework will be required to complete as the school year progresses and as the students ascend from one grade to the next. This situation is obviously very relevant with Juniors and Seniors as they also must consider the pressure of colleges and universities waiting at the end of their high school career.

Because of the special block schedule, some people would assert that the amount and time spent on homework need not be examined by teachers and administrators. The block schedule is designed to give students a clear focus and prevent procrastination in students from occurring.

This may be true, but however, according to research conducted by German scholar Ulrich Trautwein, spending more time on homework is associated with lower achievement outcomes at the effect of an individual student. The research was conducted in 2009 with students transitioning from eighth grade to ninth grade.

Courtesy of Flickr
Courtesy of Flickr

Administrators may also argue that parents should be more involved with their students’ homework assignments. According to further research conducted by educational psychology professor Richard Walker, parents’ involvement can produce beneficial effects. However, he also points that excessive involvement in homework can have detrimental effects on achievement outcomes if parents are too interfering or over-controlling.

Homework should really be reconsidered by our teachers and administrators as more and more research come up. Lessening the presence of homework may even let students improve their academic performance and allow room for many other important commitments and obligations.

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