How to: Quick, Everyday Simple Makeup Routine

Need a quick, simple makeup routine for your early mornings? Here is something that you can follow that shouldn’t take more than about 10 minutes!

First: Primer

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Primer insures that your tinted moisturized, BB Creme, or foundation will stay on all day. While this is optional, I find that it really does help with the lonjevity of your face makeup. If you don’t want to use a primer, a lightweight lotion will work just as well, or you can just skip it all together.

Second: Foundation, BB Creme, or Tinted Moisturizer

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When picking a foundation, it really depends on your skin type and preference of coverage that you want. If you have more oiler skin, I would recommend a powder foundation. If you have drier skin, I would recommend a liquid foundation. Coverage really depends on what you feel comfortable with wearing. Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation (pictured above) is full coverage and pretty pricy. I love it, but for a lot of people it’s almost too much coverage. If you want a more affordable and buildable cover foundation, I really recommend Revlon’s Nearly Naked foundation.

Third: Concealer

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This is probably my favorite part of the whole makeup process. Concealer is an amazing thing; lightweight yet perfectly covers your imperfections. Since I am fortunate enough to not really have to deal with any acne or blemishes on my face, I just use a concealer for my under eye circles. My favorite is definitely Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles. I wouldn’t really recommend this concealer for blemishes, but it would work. TIP: When picking out a concealer for under your eyes, get one that is one shade lighter than your normal skin tone so that way it not only conceals, but highlights as well!

Fourth: Powder

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I find this product to be the most essential out of the whole makeup process. Setting your foundation with powder just insures that your foundation won’t slide off (especially if you have oily skin) and when using a liquid foundation, it takes away that dewey shine that liquid foundations give off. While this step is optional, I find it very necessary, and it also gives just a little bit more coverage than your foundation and concealer. There are two different kinds of powders that you can use: compact or loose. I prefer compact over anything. I hate loose powder because I find it too messy and just annoying to deal with, but other people swear by it. So it definitely just depends on your own personal opinion.

Fifth: Bronzer

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Bronzer is one of those hit or miss products for everyone. While I find it essential in the daily makeup routine, lots of people don’t feel the same way. So again, it’s your personal preference and just what you feel comfortable with. I use bronzer to contour my face and do the “three.” If you don’t know what that is, definitely do some further research about it so you know how to do it properly and you don’t look like you got punched in the face. Another kicker with bronzer is that sometimes they give off too much of an orange tint. For more fair-skinned people like myself it can be tricky, but if you take the time to play around and experiment with new stuff, you should find the perfect one for you!

Sixth: Blush

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Blush adds just a hint of color to your face so it helps your makeup look more natural. Blush comes in so many different shades, textures and forms. You can go with powder, liquid, creme or mousse. Just make sure to be sparing with blush because you don’t want to look like a clown. You can have fun and experiment with different colors and forms though.

Seventh: Brows and Lips

These are entirely up to you and how you feel. Some people don’t need to do anything with their eyebrows and some people need to do everything to their eyebrows. When dealing with your eyebrows, it is really difficult because there is definitely an art to getting the right fit for your unique brows and shape of your face. I would definitely recommend talking to someone at any makeup counter or Sephora or Ulta before doing anything with your brows, especially because there’s just so many different products that it is overwhelming and you will benefit and appreciate talking to someone experienced before you do anything with them. Lips are your own thing too. Whether you go with lipstick, lip gloss, or even just a tinted chapstick. Its all up to you and your preference and what look you are trying to achieve. Just remember when you’re doing your makeup, have fun and be adventurous! It’s all up to you and what you love and feel comfortable with!

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