Teen Pregnancy


By, Nick Der

Teen pregnancy has been an ongoing issue that must be stopped immediately.  The rate of teens getting pregnant is increasing every year and we must take action.

Teen pregnancy occurs when two teenagers have sexual intercourse, and, in some cases, do not always use protection.  This is where it can be a hazard to many teens.  They become pregnant and can contract STIs.  According to the Citizen Link website, many teens start becoming sexually active by the age of 12.  Teen pregnancy can occur when one to none of the partners are wearing a protective condom (both male and female), or using another form of birth control.  According to the Debate.org website, people also say that when teens have a child, it can sometimes motivate them to become stronger emotionally and cause them to fight harder as they learn to care for their child. The rate of teens getting pregnant is rapidly growing and teens are in danger and their health is at risk if they decide to have unprotected sex.

According to the Do Something website, three in ten teen American girls will get pregnant at least once before the age of 20.  That’s approximately 750,000 teen pregnancies each year.  Unfortunately, eight out of ten teen dads don’t marry the mother of their child.  This is where condom distribution in schools comes in.  According to the Advocates For Youth website, ” in a two year study of Philadelphia health resource centers (HRCs) that make condoms available, the percent of students using condoms at last intercourse increased from 52 to 58 percent.”  Also on the Advocates For Youth website, New York City (59.7%) and Chicago (60.1%) had nearly the same percent of sexual activity among high school seniors.  The sexually active students in New York City were more likely to report using a condom the last time they had intercourse, where condoms are made available at school, whereas Chicago does not distribute and make condoms available to the school.  Also according to the Advocates For Youth website, “In 81 percent of schools, some type of parental consent is required before a student can acquire a condom.”  Condom distribution is a beneficial thing in public high schools because it can lower the risk of pregnancy, infections and HIV/AIDS.  According to the Teen Health website, studies show that condoms have a 95% protection against pregnancy, HIV, or any STDs, but can not guarantee a full protection.  There are cases where the condom, whether male or female, can break and fail, which can lead to an unintentional pregnancy.

Studies have shown that the safest way to prevent teen pregnancy is to simply not engage in any sexual activity or sexual intercourse.  Birth control is also another way to prevent teen pregnancy.  It may not be as effective as not engaging in sexual intercourse at all, but it is a method of prevention that is still used today.  According to a PDF by Katharine Dexter, many teens are afraid to use birth control because they believe it is dangerous and could be harmful to their health.  Teens actually don’t realize that taking birth control is much safer than having a baby.

This is why we need to take action and prevent teen pregnancy, as well as preventing them from contracting deadly diseases or infections.  Schools around the United States should be allowed to provide free condoms for students.  Knowing students, especially in high school, they are bound to be sexually active.  So it is a must that students are provided with free condoms so they can take steps to maintain their sexual health and prevent pregnancy.  This will at least lower the risks of teen pregnancy and prevent teens from catching STDs and STIs.

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