Miley Cyrus Caught Smoking Marijuana At the European Music Awards

(photo credibility to nydailynews.com0
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In another shocking performance, Miley Cyrus lit up a joint onstage at the European Music Awards recently. Everyone knows that in some places in Amsterdam you are able to carry  and smoke a small quantity of marijuana, but where the EMAs were held it is not legal. The Dutch government has not said anything about the incident, according to National Business. Miley Cyrus was interviewed a few days after the EMAs and expressed that this was not planned. She claims that she just found the joint in her bag and thought it would be funny to smoke it on stage. She said that her fans in Amsterdam would go crazy when they saw her doing it, but what about her young fans? Is she showing them that it’s okay to smoke weed where its “legal?”

Cyrus is a very successful performer, but her actions right now are very dumb. She is a celebrity and she has so many young girls who want to be just like her. You can say Cyrus doesn’t really think of the next generation in terms of how she acts. Cyrus is not the only celebrity out there making stupid choices. Cyrus should think before she acts and does something stupid and illegal like pulling out a joint and smoking it. According to US Magazine, Cyrus said, “Unlike my performance in the VMAs, my twerking was the talk of the town, but this time me smoking weed wasn’t as bad and I had a lot of people complimenting me about my performance.” Clearly Cyrus just thinks it’s okay to smoke weed where all her fans can see. If she’s going to do something illegal, she should do it privately and not be so open to it, considering her position as a role model. Rumor had it that she was smoking weed and by pulling the stunt she did at the EMAs, she stupidly proved the rumors right.

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