How To Be More Organized For School

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Being organized in school is important because it makes things much easier for you when trying to manage all of your responsibilities. Not only can it help you be successful in school, but organization can be used throughout your life to help you succeed in other areas.

1.Use your planner. Every student has received a planner in the beginning of the school year, it can be a very helpful tool for becoming more organized. Write down a daily schedule of what needs to be done for each day, and what time you need to accomplish each task. Every time you receive a homework assignment, write it down in your planner. You can constantly check and use your planner for assignments and due dates. Try to think ahead of time about what homework needs to be done, what tests are needed to study for, what projects are needed to complete.

2. Create a specific place to do your homework. Find the type of environment you work best in. Gather all of the necessary materials you might need to use to do your homework. These materials may include a computer, textbooks, printer, pencils, pencil sharpener, pens, binder paper, stapler, and everything else you may need. Make sure you keep all of these materials in the homework location.

3. Do not procrastinate on homework. Do your homework as soon as it is assigned, do not wait until the night before it’s due to complete it. Doing your homework thoroughly without rushing will benefit your grade because it will help you on any tests or quizzes on the subject.

4. Keep all of your school work in order. You can keep all of the class handouts and homework you receive in a well organized binder. You will need binder separators to keep certain papers in specific sections. Put your notes in a section for notes, and do the same for classwork, homework, passed back graded work, and any other school related papers. You can have multiple binders for each of your classes so you know which papers should go to each class. If you have classwork and homework that you know for sure you will no longer need you can recycle them. Put dates on all of your papers and write which class they are for.

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